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With SXSW‘s music portion kicking off, Run The Jewels performed tonight at the Spotify stage when a man got on to the stage and tried to attack EL-P while performing. While Killer Mike and EL-P were in the middle of their performance. The crazied man, walked up before he was met by Killer Mike and pushed all before he slipped by going for EL-P. At that point the man attacked by everyone on stage, where he was knocked down into the crowd and the crowd member started fight him. But the finish it off, one of Run The Jewels security came into place and rather than locking him down, or holding him for the police. He gave the guy a MUCH NEEDED Punch to the head, that knocked the guy out on the ground.

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No one knows the reason why the guy came on to the stage, but if you asked Killer Mike on twitter he replied to a spectators tweet with:

@KillerMikeGTO – “That was a FUCKBOY!”

After the incident EL-P gave his appreciation to the people and more stating:

From how Run The Jewels handled their guy, people were stoked and some wished they could have got to the person in time as the bragged about the beating the attacker took.

In all, lets all be thankful that this went Run The Jewels way and I need for these Security people to act a little more faster. And they wonder why Afroman punched the mess out of a girl who go on the stage.

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