Kicking off Wednesday at SXSW, the sun was out in full force as the people hit the streets early that day. For the day, hit up SXSW’s 6th street and hit up Makin It Magazine‘s Media Matters event at the VooDoo Bar where we took time to be interviewed by Makin Mag’s creator Kelby Cannick and K100 Radio‘s Blizm was interviewing artists live. Plus performances from Phene, Sy Ari Da Kid and more. All while also running out on the street and seeing the lovely people and caught footage of the music scene on the street all while taking quick shots of artist such as K Camp, OG Maco, Southern Playas’ Clay James, Messiah The Rapper and first lady, Charlise J and much more.

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Checkout pictures from the Wednesday at SXSW below:

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