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When I think about the overall experience of SXSW, coupled with brands like The Fader, vitaminwater®, and their #ProjectHustle campaign, it’s the culmination of what’s happening here in our country.

We are smack dab in the middle of a creative boom. And with this creative boom, a garden of entrepreneurs have sprang out of the ground cultivating everything from advances in technology to unusual musical collaborations. had the opportunity to interview Ryan Robertson, Sr. Brand Manager over at vitaminwater® project hustle while at SXSW in Austin, TX who discussed how vitamin water® plans on being a part of this creative boom and growing the hustle.


how did the idea of project hustle come about?

we were thinking about the way in which the vitaminwater brand has grown, hustling its way from a small start-up in queens to what it is today.  we wanted to further support the dedication and tenacity of our most driven fans so we created project hustle.

how do you think project hustle will cultivate creatives and entrepreneurs?

we hope so!  by empowering  vitaminwater drinkers to further pursue their creative dreams and passions, we hope to facilitate some creative and entrepreneurial realities.

what is your definition of entrepreneurship?

entrepreneurship is seeing something through, from conception to creation, and all the hustling and hard work that has to go into it.

why do you think it’s important for society to create a culture of creativity?  

without creativity, we fall back into the sea of sameness, the status quo.  creativity not only helps those who create, but also those who observe, participate, and are inspired…leading to further sparks of creativity and growth.

Zoe Kravitz of Lola Wolf Stops by vitaminwater Project Hustle headquarters at The FADER Fort by Roger Kisby

how do you think music has supported creatives?

music not only engages through thought, rhythm and movement, but more importantly, it touches people on a deeper level.  what better way to launch project hustle than at The FADER Fort in Austin, the epicenter of creativity, innovation, and emerging music!

what song, artist, album helps get your creative juices flowing?

probably every single artist that took the stage at The FADER Fort – the energy of the entire event was enough to inspire me and get my creative juices flowing for the year!

why do you do what you do?

i love working with such an innovative, fun brand that is so supportive of creators.  working with vitaminwater, i get to touch upon so many worlds from fashion and art to music, film and technology.

what’s one piece of advice you’d offer any creative wanting to build their own empire?

you’ve got to work for it.  there are going to be obstacles, but if you believe in your idea, can get others to buy into it and put in a lot of hard work, then you can reach success.  just look at us!

vitaminwater Project Hustle activation at The FADER FORT at SXSW by Mary Kang 7


About Project Hustle

Project Hustle, the crowdfunding-inspired program by vitaminwater, is calling all aspiring entrepreneurs, artists-in-training, dreamers and future film directors to prepare their elevator pitch for the opportunity to see that their dreams can become reality and the chance to win up to a total of $500,000 (across ten finalists) to bring them to life.

Beginning March 12 through April 30, applicants can submit their business idea at Alternatively, invited guests can deliver their business pitch live, March 18-21, at The FADER FORT in Austin, in a unique “elevator” activation that’s a first for this event. This simulated elevator is designed to capture and record an elevator pitch in a setting that physically represents the theme of Project Hustle. Creators can submit their ideas in the following five categories: music, film, fashion, art and technology, and the top ten best and brightest ideas will be chosen by a panel of judges.

Pitch your hustle at

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