Saturday night was a wild night at the FADER Fort in SXSW as Timbaland hit the stage and got anyone who didn’t know about his protege, Tink, familiar with rising Chicago artist, but they’re FADER fans so, they better have known about her since she’s on the new FADER spring issue cover. To start off the performances, Timbaland remind the people who he is and saw that the people support Timbaland, his production and his vision on who to watch out for next. Introducing Tink for the special set on the FADER stage, displayed her lyrical skills for the crowd as her and Timbaland went head to head as he beat boxed and she delivered bars after bars! To end off the night, Tink song for the crowd, yes she can sing as well, all before performing her new single, “Ratchet Commandments” which was called for a needed ENCORE!

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Checkout pictures from Timbaland and Tink’s performance at the FADER Fort:

To make this even better, I personally got to meet the young artist while at the airport on the way back to Atlanta. Yeah, I went into fan mode. LOL!

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