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Recently, HHS1987 caught up with Atlanta native, producer Sonny Digital to discuss the importance of SXSW, working with Makonnen and Drake, his upcoming project and more.

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With Sonny Digital currently being one of the hottest producers in the game spoke with Sonny about his year in 2014 as well as his upcoming ventures. Being responsible for one of the biggest songs of the year with Makonnen’s hit “Going Up On A Tuesday”, Sonny discussed working with Makonnen and Drake and putting the two together.

Sonny Digital also spoke with us about his upcoming album and the importance of events like SXSW. Sonny informed us last year that he had plans on dropping a solo project as both an artist and producer but he confirmed the project is currently in the works during this interview. Sonny also explained to us why he feels it is important for producers and artist to be out and seen at events like SXSW. Not being to far removed for the grind and hustle of trying to get his music out, Sonny spoke on how networking and building your buzz at events like SXSW can change your life.

Before concluding the interview, Sonny informed us that the best is yet to come. With his new project on the way and a tour with Makonnen in the works, 2015 is shaping out to be a big year for Sonny Digital.

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