I think this has officially been Kanye West week. After dropping a verse from Kendrick Lamar for “All Day”, the release of Kanye West rapping “Hey Mama” with his beloved past mother Donda and a demo release of his track, “Midas Touch”, Kanye West ends off the weekend in Armania with his wife Kim Kardashian – West and daughter North, with a free concert for the Armanian people for their 100 year celebration of independence.

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Spending the weekend in Armania, Kanye gives them a celebration that they will never forget. To top the night, Kanye throws a free 15 minute concert at Swan Lake in Yerevan, Armania for the people performing hit songs such as, “Power”, “All Of The Light”, “Stronger” and ends it with “Good Life” as it plays and jumps in the lake where is rushed by fans.

Even so the entire performance was live streamed with Kanye’s performances starting at about the 45 minutes and 30 second mark and him jumping in the lake at 1.03.40 mark.

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