Travis Porter

Rap trio Travis Porter were ready to rumble at their 3 Live Krew Mixtape Listening Party.  The New 2 Live Crew gathered in a boxing ring full of twerkers in the middle of the Street Execs Studios basketball court/parking lot, and put on a show for all the people that came out to support the new mixtape.

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Guest enjoyed a track by track first listen to the mixtape courtesy of DJ Tephlon with Travis Porter discussing their favorite records on the project. Guest also enjoyed complimentary appetizers courtesy of Chef Lion complimentary cocktails courtesy of Cocoyac.

Notable Attendees Included: Trinidad James, Cap 1, DC Young Fly Fresh Jones, Chill Go Hard, 2-17, King Ceeo and more. 3 Live Krew Mixtape is now available on

Photo Credit: Howard Ross

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