On April 19th, the Masquerade was changed from its usual Rock and Hip Hop crowds as singer/songwriter India Shawn, RnB/Hip-Hop artist Elhae and Alternative RnB/Rock artist 6lack took to the venue to give the people a night to remember.

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To start the night off Atlanta artist 6lack (pronounced Black) hit the stage for his first show in Atlanta to perform fan favorites such as “Pretty Weather”, “Break From Atlanta” and more unreleased tracks. Afterwards, RnB/Rap artist Elhae (pronounced L.A.) hit the stage and performed songs from his well received EP AURA. Starting off his set with his EP titled intro, that got many that may have not known who he is to know what they are in for. Afterwards, he performed fan favorite track such as “Situations” and “Halfway Love“.

To top off the night, BMI singer/songwriter India Shawn hit the stage rocking an all silver body suit and took everyone back as she performed hit song from her Origin album. Performing songs such as “No One To Feel”, “Like Nobody Else” and her own RnB rendition of Chris Brown’s “Loyal”, India had the crowd hooked all before going into songs from her recently released Outerlimits EP. Once you heard, “Are You Ready?”, everyone knew to start grooving as the EP titled track begin to play. Afterwards, India continued and performed loved songs, “Stay Classy San Diego”, “One Sun”, “More or Less” and “Floating Away”.

One thing I love about concerts that combine great artist together that is on the verge of greatness is see who came to the event to see which artist. All while some people showed up to see 6lack 1st performance, or Elhae perform while he’s in Atlanta, or India Shawn because they love her work. At the end music lovers love music and by the end of the concert, every artist had new fans who all will be looking forward to their next performance.

Checkout pictures from the concert below:

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