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Based in Lexington, KY but born and raised in Memphis, TN, Young Foxx is ready to take over the world of hip-hop. He was introduced to rap through his older brothers who had recorded songs with a few members of Three 6 Mafia including Crunchy Black. But before he started dominating stages, Young Foxx was a standout on the court, earning a basketball scholarship to Kentucky State University. While studying physical education, the tatted and dreaded rapper met and befriended another KSU student named DJ Fresh, who is currently Rich Homie Quan’s DJ. The pair shared a passion for all things rap and often linked up to help one another hone their skills. Young Foxx split his time between his studies, basketball and music before finally trading homework and hoops for hip-hop. The burgeoning artist put the basketball down and picked up a pen and got in the booth to begin recording tracks that would make up his debut mixtape Trilla Than Most hosted by DJ Fresh.

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The 17-song collection is sonically and lyrically aggressive with Young Foxx rapping every rhyme in detail, which chronicles his life. From being the product of a teen mother to serving time behind bars, the street-certified lyricist brings a refreshing wave of honesty to the culture. His 98+2 mantra is even inked on his face, so you see and know that it’s authentic. “I got a real testimony,” says Young Foxx. “I’m not going to give you anything fake. I’ve got my own sound. I’m not searching for one or trying to create one or feed off of the next artist and re-create what they’re doing. I think I’m stamped and approved.” Trilla Than Most is comprised of mainly up-tempo beats, an ode to the old-school genre of southern crunk music and his Memphis roots. On cuts such as “Aye Yo,” “Bandana” and “Trill,” you can hear that the streets as well as Three 6 Mafia and Yo Gotti were influences, however his flow is undeniably his own. The singles “Model Type” and “Rock Her Hips” are instant club classics that find the MC spitting verses with a handful of bars that reflect his clever play on words. “When I rhyme, I can express myself in a way that I don’t know how to do any other way. I put all my feelings into the song and release my frustration like that. I don’t hold back, I let it be real.” Trilla Than Most is a concept title with the mixtape being the first installment in the series, with a follow-up release coming soon in the form of an album.

Competing against no one but himself, Young Foxx is creating a movement. What began in Tennessee and Kentucky is quickly spreading all over the map. Prepared and ready to take flight, the self-proclaimed “people person” is not stopping his hustle for nothing or no one. And he’s also adamant about staying true to his artistry and personality. “I’m not trying to tell you anything, I’m just trying to be me. I want people to rock with me by choice. It’s not now or never will be by force.”

While in Atlanta, connected with Word Ink PR’s Tamiko Hope to get to know more about the artist and to complete a brief Q&A interview with Young Foxx himself.

What advice would you give other rising artists on how to continue their growth in the music industry that you have seen work for you? You have to be able to survive the struggle and look at it like every move is a chess move. Make the next one your best one and don’t give up.

What are some obstacles you have dealt with while focusing on your music career? Dealing with losses in my family, not everybody is with you and that goes for the community, too. Every good thing you do and progress you make in your career seems to become a problem.

How did you come up with the name for your mixtape Trilla Than Most? I came up with Trilla Than Most because that’s how I feel I am. I’m too real sometimes. It’s due to how I live my life and my experience over the years of watching people around me change but I’ll be the same real person as long as I live.

Who are some artists that you would like to work with in the future (indie and major level)? I’d like to work with Yo Gotti, Kevin Gares, Jeezy, August Alsina, Young Thug and Dr. Dre

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