Kenyon Dixon,

Singer & Grammy nominated songwriter for Los Angeles, CA, Kenyon Dixon releases a new song titled, “Round Of Applause”. With a distorted 808 synth, topped with smooth harmonization and Kenyon singing, this is definitely that track guys are going to feel, ladies are going to hate, but love it because it sounds so dope! In the song, Kenyon puts a lady on blast as she starts to act as if she is everything and is ‘Flawless’ when it he was the guy who help her to upgrade her look and style.

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More about Kenyon Dixon:

25 year old Artist/ Grammy nominated Songwriter, Born and raised in Watts (Los Angeles), CA., Kenyon has worked as a backing vocalist for Nick Jonas, Usher, Tyrese, Kelly Rowland, Faith Evans, Kimbra and More.

While seriously focusing on his own music, Kenyon has still managed to lend his pen to some prominent projects including Tyrese’s Grammy Nominated album ‘Open Invitation’ , TGT’s Grammy Nominated album ‘Three Kings’ and more.

Having worked as a backing vocalist for several major artists, Kenyon has since made his way to the front of the stage; Most recently releasing his first full length project titled ‘Higher Ground”

Noted for his soulful sound, witty pen & youthful ‘Swag’ , he is quickly attracting a broad range of listeners and becoming a favorite amongst the ‘New School’ trendsetters of R&B.

When asked about his music, he replied ‘its all vibe. I call it Rhythm & Vibe. It’s not really a sound; It’s more like a feeling’

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