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Atlanta artists, Stone Jone and Spacebar (Stone and Space) release a new album titled, “Mageuzi Effect”. When it comes to rappers from Atlanta, Stone and Space are a duo that will refresh your memory to what Hip-Hop sounded represented in Atlanta. With artist such as Scotty ATL, Jarren Benton, Earthgang, Southern Playas and more, I put these 2 on the same list as you can definitely hear the influences of Outkast, Goodie Mob, A Tribe Called Quest and even Run The Jewels in this project as they are able to deliver a stories and problems, all wrapped in dope southern productions.

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Stone Jone and Spacebar (Stone and Space) set out to be one of the premiere hip hop duos since Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest, UGK, and Black Star. These Atlanta natives pride themselves on their creative and lyrical content, storytelling ability, and entertaining approach. They are bridging the gap between hip hop of the 90’s era to today and beyond. Stone and Space enjoy performing, writing music of all genres, collaborating, and developing innovative ways to express themselves. Quality, creativity, and longevity are what they bring to the music industry.

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