This year, Anna Wintour’s 2015 Met Gala honors Chinese art and its influence on fashion. As you can already imagine, other than people still living in the past about Beyonce, Solange and Jay Z’s infamous elevator incident, much controversy has already began to stir up as some feels that some celebrities are going to far with their Chinese influenced outfits. Many are waiting to see which celebrity will come in a full Kimono, but some celebrities really know how to respect a culture all while still being able to look elegant and kill the ‘Selfieless’ red carpet. 

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To take advantage wearing a great outfit that they can’t take pictures of while they are on the red carpet, many celebrities have taken early selfie of themselves getting prepared and fully dress to come out to the event. But luck for some celebrities, they have no worry as we all know that that their pictures will hit the internet even before the fully get into the venue.

Celebrities such as Beyonce, Solange, Anne Winter, Alicia Keys, Dwayne Wade, Gabrielle Union, Elisabeth Banks, Jordan Dunn, Kerry Washington, Kim Kardashian all hit the scene and dropped jaws and broke necks as they walked in, some others could have caused convulsions if you starred at them to long such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kris Jenner and more.

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