Hailing from Australia, international singer/songwriter Emmaline has teamed up with Atlanta’s London Jae (label No Genre) for her next single and her video for her song entitled “Waiting“.

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Speaking on the song, Emmaline states:

“I’ve literally had my fans waiting for a while for the next release so it made sense to give them “Waiting”.

“It’s a love song but it’s also an on the brink of a being a break up song, it’s not sad, it’s not happy, it’s just brutally honest and in the moment..but the beat has it so that the overall feeling is uplifting”.

Freshly signed to Defient Entertainment, Emmaline is currently writing and recording her upcoming EP out of Defient Studios in Atlanta.

The video for waiting was shot at Defient studios and shows the everyday process of recording a song “These days people want to see you being you as much as they want to see you as an artist I feel. We just wanted to show us all being regular and doing what we do naturally.” states Emmaline.

Prior to her EP release Emmaline will be releasing her next single Trouble on iTunes. Stay tuned for this one! In the meantime head to YouTube to check out the video and stream of the song ‘Waiting’ below:

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