James Fauntleroy

After collaborating with singer/songwriter India Shawn with the Outer Limits album, and his previous EP “String Theory Acoustic“, James Fauntleroy returns to the front as he release a new song titled, “Help”.

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  1. #WCICMusicChoice: James Fauntleroy (@fauntleroy) “Broken Heart Broken Eyes” | WhyCauseICan | RnB, Hip Hop, Rock & EDM Music

    […] James Fauntleroy praises us this morning with a new song titled, “Broken Heart Broken Eyes”. With his raspy, ambient vocals, Fauntleroy sings about a love and the things we come to see when trying to get over the, hopefully unhappening, broken heart that comes to change your perspective of the one you loved. With the piano being played by Larrance Dopson and background vocals completed by Rose Gold, this song could make gloomy days beautiful. […]


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