Little Simz

Little Simz is definitely a UK rapper that has taken over the UK this year, with track such as “Is This Freedom?” and “Intervention” and performing at concerts, hitting fashion show and more, Little Simz now releases a new EP titled AGE 101: Drop 4.

For the project, Little Simz state:

I cant lie, I struggle a bit when explaining the drops because as cliché as it sounds, its all in the music.

But this one is a prelude to my debut LP (which I finished yesterday) and my favourite drop so far. Make sure you take time to take it all in.

I appreciate and am thankful for those who support me on my journey, and enjoy bringing you new music, sorry i took long with this one, but live with it and and enjoy it.

Ight I need a Tinie Tempah and Little Simz track to happen. Let make this happen people.

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