MTV interviews Jhene Aiko in a grocery store and talks 'Groceries'

This year, Jhene Aiko has beat out all rappers with her “Eat the booty like groceries” punchline on Omarion‘s song, “Post To Be” featuring her and Chris Brown. You know when you heard the song that all of them was in the studio like, “Man we are definitely repeating that shit at the end!” as they did in the song. Now MTV gets up with Sailing Soul artist and interviews her in a grocery store. If you haven’t guessed it, yes they definitely ask her what made her come up with that line which has hilariously taken on a life of its own.

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The line has gotten so popular that a woman can set up a thirst trap on instagram with her ass out and I’m pretty sure if you give it about 10 minutes, someone will leave a comment stating, “Groceries”. But along with asking that question, they also talk to her about things she loves to cook, what type of food she likes all trying to make equating that ‘Booty Is Life’. LOL!

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