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Many Hip Hop artists, or rappers are doing good things for communities. Even though many are over looked such as Akon providing 600 million Africans with electricity, a process he has been working on for a few years now, many of them continue to still give to their communities without looking for the publicity. Now after accolades have been shined on Akon and his hard work, Big Sean shows that he to is another artist who takes time to remember where he came from and is all for bettering his community. 

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After stating to his old high school that he would build them a recording studio if they bring their ACT scores up, Big Sean returned back to school after finding out they did just that. Partnering with Adidas, Big Sean will be opening a recording studio at Cass Technical High School named Sean Anderson Studio of Infinite Possibilities.

Many artist should take the time to do things like this for their community, especially musicians as we see more and more that music is being taken out of school because of funding not being provided by the government.

Take an exclusive look at the inside of the studio with MTV.

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