Diana Schweinbeck & Mixtape Monopoly Industry Mixer

On June 23rd, Schweinbeck, LLC x Mixtape Monopoly celebrated their 3 year anniversary for keeping their well known industry mixer alive and helping many artist further their careers. Also for the night, Diana Schweinbeck brought in her 25th birthday celebrating with friends, affiliates and more.

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Hosted by Fort Knox with DJ Blak Boy on the 1’s and 2’s the night as an all out party with dope performances taking place from artist such as Renaissance, T-Nyce, Smokey Bear, Zaid, Southern Playas, Mike Fresh, Chilly Chills, Tone! and more.

Plus special guest to come out was Grand Hustle’s Zuse, Quentin Miller, Hot 107.9, Damar Jackson, Sy Ari Da Kid and Cool America.

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