J Cole keeps promise and attends fans graduation

J Cole has to get the celebrity of the year award right now. On something so small as a twitter convo, J Cole still remembers their is someone on the other side of any social communication.

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A twitter user by the name of @apunkfemme, via Reddit showed that even after a 2013 convo Cole had with user @Princess_Simba after reading a letter she sent him, he actually kept his promise that he would show up to her graduation if she gets accepted to a 4 year University stating:

“I read your letter twice now. You are so strong, I admire YOU. I will be at your graduation…only IF you get into a 4 year University. go!”

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Afterwards, Princess Simba and tweeted Cole in February 2014 again asking did he like her grades. Which he replied ” very much. keep going”.

This year, Simba posted a picture of herself in her graduation gown, diploma in head with J Cole captioning, “You gotta dream like you never seen obstacles” @JColeNC

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J Cole attends fans graduation

Afterwards, J Cole’s friend plus president of Dreamville Ibrahim Hamad congratulated the newly graduate and even let her know they had to reschedule Cole’s tour dates for her to make sure Cole kept his promise, stating:

@princess_simba i’m happy it all worked out for you. Had to route the tour around your graduation lol. You deserved it now keeping it going.

In all regards to everything that J Cole has already done, he is even helping her with books and helping with her college tuition.

he bought me a few books that he likes and he’s said he’s gonna help me with my college tuition.

Right now, I think J Cole could almost get requested for the Noble Peace Prize. Congrats to Princess_Simba for graduating and staying focus, but most importantly, for believing that Dreams came come true.

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