steve aoki new limited shades collection with Dim Mak

EDM DJ, Steve Aoki, who has become known for throwing some of the livest events, plus throwing cake into fans faces now releases his limited edition sun glasses/ shades for Dim Mak.

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When you’re partying in some of the brightest lights on any stage that strobe, or shoots like lazer pointers through the air, it would make since to release a dope pair of shades that fit your lifestyle. For his new limited released shades, Aoki debuts 6 stylish, sleek looking shades to fit anyone’s style and personality that is ready for the EDM Trap Life. All priced at $60, Aoki delivers shades that are unisex and durable for those wild party night.

Plus I’m pretty sure they can with stand a cake to the face. So I guess you can say they’re ‘cakeproof’. Steve Aoki’s shades are now available on

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