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Yesterday, Chris Brown just released a new song show that he might have drank a little to much titled, “Liquor”, but after sobering up and arriving on the island of Hispaniola, Chris Brown announced that he will be throwing a FREE Concert in Haiti.

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Instagram he wrote, “Concert tonight in Haiti!!, Putting on a free show for the people of Haiti!”

The show is to last 6 hours and will be held in Port-au-Prince on Friday, June 26th. For the concert Chris Brown will be hold a 60 minute set, plus Lil Wayne as well who will perform his own set and will feature other rising Haitian artists such as T-Micky, Boukman Eksperyans, Barikad Crew, DRZ and many more. The event was helpfully organized by Swizz Beats and put together after many Dominician’s of Haitian decent were forced out of the Dominican Republic to basically, “Go back where they came from” to return to a county they may be blood related to, but literally have nothing anymore.

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