Teo, selfless-ish

Artist Teo releases a new J. Dilla produced track titled, “Selfless-ish”. Looking to for a song that will make feel like you’re in black and white film left to reflect on the world and life, this is the track for you. With deep snares, back up with dark thumps, embraced by sensual sound of the piano, Teo gives you a song about Self love display to cover self hate.

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In the world, many people are consumed with lavishness and creating empires and getting their hands on as much money as possible. In the beginning in the song you would think Teo may be talking about himself, but then you come to realize he is speaking on society. From the world leaders, flashy lights of artists and more. As we witness the yearning of needing help from others with no one looking to extend their hand to them.

I’m just really trustin myself and everyone in the world, cause everyone is the world and everyone is a world within them/ Why do you think they call it a universe, maybe it’s United…

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