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This past week, WhyCauseICan.com had the privilege to attend OG Maco‘s listening session for his upcoming album Children of the Rage. Held at QC Studios, OG Maco relaxed in one of Coach K ran studios while going through tracks and socializing with media as they entered the room. While waiting for everyone to show up, the early arrivals got a chance to hear a few exclusive tracks that haven’t been released, but did show the route Maco may be taking in the future and what he’s capable of.

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Even with those tracks that were heard, Maco let us know that we still haven’t even heard one song from his album even though he scrolled through a catalog of unreleased songs via his itunes, email and desktop folders. Some songs we truly can wait and hope they will be released, but truly got many excited to hear his album.

Before he started to go through his album Maco addressed the room letting us know he wasn’t going tell us the names of the songs, nor who is featured, or how many songs were on the album. The only info we had when listening to the album was the producers of it were Childish Major, Pablo Dylan, Fresh Produce and The Neighbourhood and the title of the album, Children Of The Rage. For this listening session he truly wants us to love the music for what it is and warned everyone that his album is simple something that many may not expect, nor has anyone probably heard before.

Now, when an artists tells me that this is something I may not have heard before I become reluctant as I have grew up listening to a slew of genres and many more that I have come to even love today. As I took time to take a few snapshots of OG Maco while going through his tracklisting in front of the crowd, OG started the official listening and quickly people looked stunned, but then started to bob their heads to the music playing.

From production that was fully flushed with a rock and roll feel, to songs made straight for the club, OG Maco created an album that is made to relate to not just the black community, but an album that a Rock N’ Roll lover can debate about and love, just as much as a Hip Hop head would as well. One thing I will say, If you come in to this album expecting the ‘Bitch You Guessed It’ OG Maco, you will end up looking confused. Hopefully for the ones that do expect that, will come awaken by which what Maco has given them to understand and learn more about music genres.

Most off all, Why is OG Maco’s album The Revolution Of A Rising Generation. For the same reason why the album’s name is Children of the Rage. Even with mix production, of Rock, Rap and even a few autotunes and production that will remind you of Soca, Maco’s album comes with a title that was influenced by the songs wrote for it.

In today’s society we have continued to watch a match lit, turn to a fire, till that fire is now cities burning to the ground. Within those environments we have come to a time where there is almost no turning back and many have gone through a lot where now it is all or nothing. During the anger, protests, pointing of fingers, sit ins, minimum wage pay, pay cuts, student loan debt, assembly line job, drugs, inflation of product, but the deflation of salaries, religious debates, race conflicts, classism and much more that is going on in the U.S. and the WORLD, it has created a new generation that has learned from what it has seen.

Where history has proven that asking doesn’t provide you with a solution, you learn to come the fighter that our history shows is the one who will prevail. Well… In this case, Meet A Child From The Rage.

OG Maco just allows you to know his story of what he’s been though and what he had to do to get to where he is today.

This is definitely an album I was pissed I couldn’t walk out with that day and is anticipating it’s release.

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