On July 15th, MMG’s own, Gunplay held a private listening party for his upcoming album, Living Legend, at Patchwerk Studio. With a packed house full DJs, media and music industry influencers, Gunplay came to Atlanta, GA to get our thoughts on the new album. Filled 11 tracks, many music listening will definitely get to know Gunplay’s life, mentality and determination through his songs.

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When asked why did he name is album his album ‘Living Legend’ one thing Gunplay stated was, that he was locked up and was looking at life in prison for a robbery and assault case. “When you have guards telling you, you not going home and you see all the odds are against you, you start thinking that you’re never going home. But instead, I beat the case and I’m out. So if that happened to you, what would you call your album?”

Doing what many saw as the impossible, Gunplay delivers his story and what motivates him to go hard for what he love and see that, if others are able to receive the luxuries of life, then with his drive, he is able to as well. One thing I will definitely say is that his track, “White Bitch” should definitely be a single released as the production of it and Gunplay’s flow pattern on it is sick and will remind many of Jeezy’s song, “All Black Everything”.

Special Guest included Big K.R.I.T., Trae Tha Truth, Wave Chappelle, Celebrity Host Fort Knox, DJ Blak, DJ Era and more!

Shoutout To Kadife for the invite!

Make sure to look out for Gunplay’s Album, set to release on July 31st.

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