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This past weekend, WhyCauseICan.com got the opportunity to experience the passport life without having to even leave the city!

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The Passport Experience:
Created by renowned DJ Fully Focus, PXPFest aims to unite music lovers from all cultural backgrounds in a way that hasn’t been done in Atlanta, a city whose boasts the 11th highest foreign-born population in the country at nearly 725,000.
What makes PXP Fest unique is that everyone belongs here, and we’re all equal,” says Fully Focus. “We celebrate diversity & cultural pride. Nowhere else can you get all your favorite genres on one stage. It’s been tailored for the open-minded music fan. It’s a place where you can bring your diverse circle of friends & family and there’s something for everyone. It’s the only place where you get to travel the world without a visa & the only limitation is your imagination.”
What’s particularly special is it’s philanthopic initiative:

PXPFest is also offering attendees the opportunity to make a lasting difference through their participation in the event: a portion of each ticket sold will contribute to Akon Lighting Africa, the Konvict Music boss’ solar power initiative working to bring electricity to 25 countries by 2016.

The Experience:

As soon as we got to the gates of Centennial Olympic Park you could feel the chill international vibes. Music is BLASTING. I would say I feel sorry for the businesses and residences within a 5 mile radius of Centennial, but I don’t. #sorrynotsorry

This experience was RIGHT on time! It’s like the world needs a MASSIVE chill pill and they got it in Atlanta…through music. You’d have to truly be a hater to not enjoy yourself here.
It was everything I could ask for, and yes I’m biased to a series of things being of Jamaican and Nigerian descent, but it really was a unique music and cultural experience that united music lovers from all cultural backgrounds in a way that hasn’t been done in Atlanta…

Actual reactions (from me and some from others):

Wait! Did it go from Mama Africa. Whisp around for some Bollywood. Side track to the Netherlands and Amsterdam. Take you to New York and then bring it home to Atlanta? Bitch Am I On Vacation?

– My reaction

It’s a real positive experience. Really good vibes and I really like the music.

– @Demejay, Bare Tree Juices, Dallas Native

This is dope.

– @PartywithGMack, international DJ

This experience reminded me of a vacation, but at home because BILLS and the monotony of the rat trap. All my favorite music made me feel like I was at a family function, shout out to my Afro-Caribbeans. It was bliss.
It truly was like being in paradise…if only for a day.
Special shout out to…

The team behind the scenes at Passport Experience ATL and The Remedy LLC for putting together this experience and their sponsors Akon Lighting Africa

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