On Friday, July 17, I had the pleasure of enjoying date night with Hubby a little bit differently than we normally do. Normally, if we’re want to just chill and relax we may go for a drive around the city and bring it home to some Netflix and take out. This particular night we decided to enjoy a little cultivated experience with Ford being our maestro.

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The Experience:

You “valet” your car and a Ford vehicle picks you up or you can test drive one that takes you to a secret location. We were chaffeured in a 2014 Expedition XL

So you arrive at the location, greeted by two women dressed in red candy girl outfits complete with hats and enter a room with a candy bar and popcorn and really good nostalgic dance music…pretty much any music that’s played at a family reunion or a 25 and up club.

Several bars line the walls. DJ and MC on the stage. Two aerialists dangle from the ceiling. There isn’t a photobooth, instead, you get to create a flipbook, something like a gif in real form, complete with props.

There are passed hor d’oeuvres and the whole vibe is good and lively. Then a Ford chauffeurs you back to your vehicle.

My Reaction:

This event was excellent. Really fun and a different experience.

Kudos to Ford for this event and special shout out to the folks behind the scenes for bringing it together, especially I’na Saulsberry of The Starfire Group.

Checkout SOAinspired for more information on event.


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