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Khloe Kardashian bares her curvacious body, booty and more for Complex magazine’s August/September issue. When it comes to baring their body for the Kardashian’s many think of Kim Kardashian, or maybe even Kylie Kardashian now, but middle sister, Khloe has decided to hit the cover of Complex magazine for their latest issue and it is definitely one to remember. Out of all of the Kardashians, Khloe is the most mixed of Kylie and Kendall’s height as well as having the bodies of Kim and Kourtney.

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Now the full figured, model standing, Khloe shows everyone that hitting the gym has been doing her good and that Odom should have been hitting that instead of the pipe. In the latest issue with Complex, Khloe also lets people know how she feels about them talking about Kylie as she states that Kylie is not a regular 17 year old as she is making business deal, bought her own home already and more and that she was even sleeping with 20 something year olds when she was 16. Also her relationship with French Montana as she states they are still friends and how can you not be friends with someone still when they seen all of your goods. They at least deserves a hi and huge.


Photos Courtesy of Complex Magazine

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