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Meek Mill is starting to take a lot of heat. After having a twitter rant about Drake not writing his raps, naming ghost writers and more. Drake decided to go to the studio rather than Twitter and hit Meek Mill with punchlines. After “Charged Up”, Drake came back today with “Back 2 Back” right after Meek gave a lackluster performance in Toronto.

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Now people are looking like what in the hell is Meek waiting for and after the last Meek Diss track, Meek has no other choice but to respond as Drake went in on him. So to help Meek out, because maybe he doesn’t have to funds to record the track. Someone went to GoFundMe and started a campaign to help Meek Mill pay for his diss track.

The goal for the page was $3000, but after being up for 14 hours, it only raised a total of 10 dollars. Once Meek and Drake situation has truly went viral by this morning, the page was actually taken down.

So, Meek may have to find another means to get money for the diss track now.

[via Complex]

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