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This weekend, UK Female Rapper, Lady Leshurr began to break the Internet with her new “Queens Speech” Episode 4 video that many have titled, “Brush Your Teeth”. Ight, so after I brushed my teeth this morning, one of my friends at sent a video to me of Lady Leshurr asking me have I heard this. Under some other link, it was titled, Trap Queen, “Brush Your Teeth”.

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The first thing in my head was that, dude is sending me something to laugh at early in the morning and this is about to be wack song. Not familiar with Lady Leshurr, but been on my UK artist grind as i listen to artist such as Little Simz, Tinie Tempah, Avelino, Wrentch 32 and more, I just haven’t heard of her. BUT I DEFINITELY KNOW WHO SHE IS NOW!!! As the track dropped heard her voice, in my head I was like this track is about to be a beast and it was with the hook stating, “How can you talk my name when haven’t even brushed your teeth”.

I bet anything, this will be one of the catchiest and hottest tracks you will actually hear today. Don’t believe me… Click Play.

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