Rihanna costume at Crop Over 2015

This year, took time from working on her anticipated album to go and celebrate with her hometown, Barbados, at Crop Over. After enjoying a previous day of shooting paint water guns and partying, Rihanna celebrated on the final day of Crop Over at their Kadooment Day celebration which celebrates the end of the sugar cane harvest and is traditionally marked with drinking, dancing, and a party through the streets.

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For the event, Rihanna showed off her sexy body all while dressed in a green and black, bejeweled bikini and feathered headress and green and black wings all while partying with friends and locals.

How can you hate Rihanna? This girl goes back and shows love to her hometown all the time, smokes weed and works like a mule.

Checkout pictures below from Rihanna Crop Over celebration via Instagram:

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