Beyonce flash tattoos

While people wonder if Beyonce is pregnant, Beyonce is working on growing her empire as she releases her very own collection of Flash Tattoos. After rocking some of them out while on the beach last year, it seems that Beyonce loved them a lot as the temporary  golden jewelry-inspired tattoos started to become in very popular with women during the summer season.

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Check out the description below.

Introducing ‘Beyoncé,’ our first five-sheet collection creatively directed and co-designed by Beyoncé! We are “crazy in love” with the pack’s eclectic mix of lyrical, honeycomb and signature beehive-inspired designs in an array of black and gold colors. From a geometric honeycomb cuff bracelet to a stunning medallion cross, there’s something in the Beyoncé pack for everyone to rock and Flash.

Packs come with 57 pieces of designed golden jeweled tattoos that can be worn separately, or styled together, or over one another to create unique designs. They can be purchased at

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