Misty Copeland

You have to love the strength, grace, poise of black women. After Serena Williams showed off her strength for New York Magazine, American Ballet Theater first black female principal dancer, Misty Copeland shows off her balance as she hits the cover of Essence Magazine’s September issue.

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This year, Misty Copeland has had an amazing year as she became the first black female principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater in the company’s 75 year history.

To celebrate her accomplishment, Essence Magazine makes her the cover of their September Issue. Dressed in a flowing dress all while balancing gracefully on her toes, Misty Copeland even in a photo displays her unbreakable strength.

Inside the issue, the 32 year old speaks on her relationship with her parents and race issues in ballet.

Make sure to pick up the September Issue of Essence on August 14.

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