Trevor Jackson 'Simple As This' video shoot

After the release of his In My Feelings mixtape , singer/songwriter and actor Trevor Jackson debuts his new video for “Simple As This” and takes over the male R&B game with a ‘flick of the wrist’.

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Shot in Atlanta, GA, Trevor Jackson fantasizes over a young lady who has come to love his style, persona and the flashy lights all while driving through the streets in an old school Chevy.

With Global Grind Trevor states,

“Aesthetically, it’s totally different from any video I’ve ever shot, which is why I wanted to release it first. It’s just one of the many visuals that I’m going to release from In My Feelings, but I’m so proud that it’s the first.”

“I wanted the video for “Simple As This” to be as simple as possible, because I wanted the keep the focus on the lyrics of the song. I wrote this song in Atlanta, so it was important to me to shoot the video there and really capture the vibe I was in when I wrote this.”

After Trevor Jackson team went into a black out period and having his fans build up the anticipation of what the young singer has going on, Trevor also was announced to be a new cast member to ABC’s American Crime TV series along side Andre 3000 and Regina King.

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