Event Photos: T-Pain Holds Listening Session For Fans At Tree Sound Studios

T-Pain’s Wife, Mali Hunter & T-Pain

Sunday, August 16th, singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actor, T-Pain, held a private listening session for his new album, Stoicville all for his fans. All while getting to enjoy drinks from Modelo and 1800 Tequila, fans were able to get to hear what the Nappy Boy Entertainment founder and Grammy Award winner has been working on and also get to decide what songs will make his album. With 30 tracks all on the list, fans were able to hear everything, send in their critiques and rate what should be placed on the album. Truly thankful for his fan’s love and support, T-Pain gave a few of them a once in a life time memory as they got to socialize with him, party and catch a few pics with him all while grooving to his music. Also for the listening session, fans got to see his new music video for his song, “Make That Shit Work” and the video for the remix to Shanell‘s single “I Can Be Your Stripper” featuring T-Pain.

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In attendance for the event was non other than Tree Sound’s and OWN Flex & Shanice star Mali Hunter, Courtney Vantrease, Izzy The Producer, Fort Knox, DJ Era and few T-Pain media fans and more!

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