First Taste ATL presents Skyes Wonderland | SPZRKT, BOSCO, Leah Culver

When you enter a music event and you find yourself walking through an underwater world filled completely with sand, bubbles, an alligator and a wrecked boat, which then transforms into an exotic rain forest setting filled with snakes and birds, all before you get to a stage where you see that artists will be performing above and below clouds, you know you are at the right event to be at. First Taste ATL transformed the QUAD location off Spring St. in Atlanta, into a whole new world for “Skye’s Wonderland” designed by set designer Skye.

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To go with an amazing atmosphere and truly creating an experience that many will not forget from the usual city’s events, Skye’s Wonderland, which was hosted by Ashley Marietta and also held amazing performances from artists such as SPZRKT, BOSCO, Forte Bowie, Leah Culver, Tuki Carter, Chilly Chills, Command, Pule, Two 9‘s Fat Kids Brotha, plus a surprise performance by ELHAE, with DJ set’s being helds by Speakerfoxxx, DJ Mike Nasty, OHSO, Mevans, Jehmahk and Abe Hyde.

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