Nicki Minaj wax figure to be removed officially

Nicki Minaj earlier this Summer was immortalized as a wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas. From her look in her infamous ‘Anaconda‘ music video that shows her wearing a gold top with her back arched and booty out in a bikini bottom, now seems that it has been to much for people to handle. Since the wax statue has been created, many pictures on social media have popped up of people doing the most insane things to the statue, to the point, the wax statue will be removed.

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Even with heightened security placed around the figure and adding more staff to be around to make sure inappropriate pictures and behaviors are not taking place, still did not stop people from living out their Nicki Minaj fantasy. Now they have come to the conclusion to take down the statue completely.

Many are asking, why was this statue made of Nicki Minaj this way when so many other celebrities have respectable figures of themselves such as Kim Kardashian and Madonna. Even though Nicki Minaj’s figure is being removed, they will be recreating a new figure to go in it’s place. Hopefully that is more suitable to be in a museum.

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  1. Detroit slim

    Hell nah! These pics are hilarious! They need to keep that figure there and more pics like that comin for years.


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