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After the release of his song, “Night Hour”, singer/songwriter James “Genra” Douglas debuts his new song titled, “Note” produced by 8X8, ALIAS and Tyshane. Slowing it down, Genra delivers a heart felt track that he takes the time to reflect on his past of ‘wrong doings’ and takes the time to confess his situations ‘in this notebook’.

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More About Genra:
James “Genra” Douglas is the spark that reminds us of something more than a trend bound by a generation. He provokes an exercise in nostalgia because he reminds you of the last time music made you feel this way. He is a personal experience. The control, quality and maturity of his voice puts you in a space that engages your emotions and makes you think about what you are feeling. His voice is a thoughtful gift, which upon hearing makes an undeniable impact much like those soulful artists that came before him. And much like those who came before him, there’s a level of detail in the inflection of his tone that is a blend of the gift and being a conscientious student of the art form. There’s a texture of grit that hints at the journey of his experiences. There’s credibility. You can hear that he’s been somewhere.

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