Ight to get to the point, even though wasn’t there this year, we already know some people were upset with how Day 2 ended. But honestly, at least TomorrowWorld took everyone’s safety into consideration and decided to make a tremendous call to make sure it wasn’t 2 days of people being stranded in the mud with no reception. But with that being put out there, it seems that many people still had the time of their life and honestly, the great thing about festival is that you can always expect the unexpected, so you have to take the good, wild and crazy, with the bad sometimes as well. TomorrowWorld, take these thing into consideration for next year though. Even though it will probably NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, be prepare to take action and understand what needs to be accomplished so that everyone feels safe more than anything.

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But with holding their 3rd year Anniversary, TomorrowWorld continues to show that they are making sure to give people the time of their lives. With being the largest EDM festival in the WORLD, TomorrowWorld made day one epic even through the mud as it started off it’s festival holding more than 300 DJ from all around the world. To start off for Friday, TW headlined sets from Kaskade, Steve Angello, DJ Snake and also Shaquille O’Neal under the moniker DJ Diesel and tore up the House of Books stage last night.

And in front of almost 190,000 people,  Tiësto closed out the first night on the main stage of performances with an electrifying set (fireworks and pyrotechnics included).

Photo Credit: TomorrowWorld

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