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Well… (sips coffee) Disclosure debuts their new music video for their song “Magnets” featuring Lorde and I must say, I watched the entire video in shock, because I never thought Lorde would play such a role. But the end I was like, their is my Lorde.

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I think Lorde is definitely letting people know she is 18 now. Even though she didn’t go overboard, she definitely isn’t the dark covered up Lorde we are use to in previous performances and videos. In the videos, backed up by Disclosure dope production. Lorde becomes a mistress to a married man. Having a little fun with him, all before his wife comes home. Afterwards, Lorde see what he is doing isn’t right and as she changes from the white, steep cut gown she was wearing, she rocks an all black body suit as she bounds him to a chair, all before pushing him over into a pool filled with gasoline and sets it on fire (lake of fire). Note to everyone who may want to be with Lorde, or any woman in the Future, BE SINGLE, because she just might make your life a living HELL.

Disclosure’s Caracal album is now available on iTunes.

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