Event Photos: T-Pain Holds Listening Session For Fans At Tree Sound Studios

Even though many doubted that T-Pain would be dropping his Stoicville: The Phoenix album, WCIC knew it could and will be dropping sometime soon as we were able to go to is fan listening held at Tree Sound Studios. Now after a long wait and going through 30 tracks that could make the project, T-Pain announces the release date for his album that I promise you is definitely worth the wait. 

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Set to drop on December 11, T-Pain confirmed the date on twitter and has fans truly excite for what to come. I will say on the album T-Pain give you his Rapper Turnt Singer sound that many came to love, plus blends it with his lyrical flow.

Can’t wait to hear what songs made the cut, but if he really wanted to, T-Pain could drop a double album that music lovers will truly love.

Checkout pictures from the listening below:

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