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Behind their iPhone, the Pill has been one of Apple‘s best selling products. After collaborating with Beats, Apple has made sure target music lovers and all while keeping their sleek and clean style at a decent price. Now after the Pill first release 3 years ago, Apple’s Beats prepares to release the new Pill+ next month in retail stores and on for $229.

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Coming in black and white, many would ask as well is what makes the Pill+ different from the original Pill. To start off the Pill+ is larger than the original Pill, has 12 hour of battery life on each use, stereo active 2-way crossover system and can be charged by a regular Apple lightening cable. Even though those are nice and makes you go, “Mm, That’s Cool”, what really will get many people who love to enjoy music all around their home, or people who get tired of quality of music changing if speakers are put into different areas.

The Pill+ also comes with a brand new app that allows you manage a multi-room setups. This will allow your Pill+ to sound perfectly the same, no matter if you’re sitting in a carpeted living room relaxing, or in the bathroom taking a shower before a night of partying. Also it allows you to sync two speakers together, so while walking into different rooms, you never miss a part of your favorite song.

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