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Lupe Fiasco has been known to fight for a cause. Now the successful, Chicago rapper turns his attention to local entrepreneurs in poor neighborhoods. Early this year, Lupe Fiasco partnered with members of the Dream Big Foundation and the Head of Global Partnerships at the navigation app Waze. Together they have create a start-u[ fund to help local entrepreneurs in poor communities develop new businesses called The Neighborhood Start Fund.

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For the beginning of the fund, they are working with the Brownsville, Brooklyn area. The foundation is set to host a live pitch event on Nov. 13 in which they are looking to turn fund given into successful businesses that will be able to reinvest into other Brownsville start-ups.

The foundation states, “support entreprenuers and start-ups from underserved areas, so the best new ideas won’t get wasted.”

If selected by Lupe and other board members, they will invest $5,000 to turn ideas into prototypes and allow entrepreneurs to receive mentors to help them come successful, plus workshops and free technology development for their prototypes.

If their is anything that many Hip Hop artists and city councilmen should team up on and do for their communities is definitely this. Think about how far society would come if we started to create better jobs and business within our own low income communities.

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