As much as Jay Z is looked at as a Hip Hop Icon, when it comes to business, he has proven that he is a business… MAN! Recently Jay Z was spotted walking out of Samsung’s Silicon Valley office on Wednesday and that alone has already made other business leaders start ‘gripping their pearls’ and wondering what Jay Z have up his sleeves. We have all come to see that Tidal has been doing better, plus Samsung is definitely looking to do a market take over as they have released their Galaxy S6 and Note 3, wireless chargers and more. But if (just IF) Jay Z is looking to partner Samsung with Tidal, this may truly be a game changer for both companies.

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This Wednesday, according to Variety, Jay Z had a business meeting with multiple executives and Samsung’s SVP of content and services, Daren Tsui. Now why would many start to speculate that Jay may be making Samsung Tidal’s ‘Bey’? Well, in March of 2014, Samsung launched their streaming music service, Milk Music and since then has not been able to get much traction to the platform. Also the Milk Music platform was created in the same building where Jay Z and Daren first met. Hmmm, starting to look like a huge coincidence that the two shall meet again.

Besides, this isn’t the first time Jay Z and Samsung have done business with each other. As well as in 2014, Jay Z made Samsung a name every single person who loves music want a Samsung phone as he partnered with the major company in releasing his Magna Carta Holy Grail album with the new Galaxy 4. All while shutting down SXSW as him and Kanye West threw a free concert for all fan who owned a Samsung phone. I remember like it was yesterday, as I had a damn iPhone 4 at the time and because of that I own a Samsung Galaxy S5 today.

If teamed up together, this could mean big things for Tidal as they have already reached over 1,000,000 subscribers, but with Samsung on board, this will put them automatically in the hands of millions more.

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