SubPac M2

After a successful crowdfunding campaign put together in 2013, Los Angeles-based company StudioFeed grew to further developed their SubPac tactile bass technology to make the music, gaming and movie experience even better. Just recently the new technology has been added to the Peugeot’s fractal concept car, enhance the watchers experience at a premiere for the movie Jurassic World as well as allow def and hard of hearing festival goers to enjoy the music and vibes during the Rock in Rio in Brazil.

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Now the company is set to allow people to feel the music, games, movies and more as they set to release the SubPac M2 wearable sound system. Worn like a backpack the 17 x 12 x 1.5 in M2 comes with adjustable should straps at the front that pulls the SubPac bass induced gear closer to the body. With a system frequency response that produces from 5 Hz – 130 kHz it allows the wearer to control at what level they want to experience the feel of their entertainment setting all while being able to control all with a slim cabled control box.

The control box is also used to help feed in sounds from its source player or smart device via a 3.5 mm stereo input jack and also includes a Bluetooth 4.0 receiver for wireless streaming as well. With it’s 10.8 V/2,300 mAh Lithium ion battery pack, it offers up to 6 hours of continuous bass thumping for your music, gaming, virtual reality experience per charge.

You can now pre-order the SubPac M2 at $379 during it’s earlybird special, which it will go $399 for retail price. Shipping for the new product is set to start in December.

With the SubPac M2 you are able to enjoy your festivals at the highest level possible as you can feel the music while partying out with the DJ. or while watching your favorite action packed, or scary truly live the trembling as you hope your favorite characters make it out alive.


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