Wale, MMG, party in atlanta, m bar in atlanta

On October 21st MMG artist, Wale hit up Atlanta to celebrate a successful day of dropping new songs, a new video, The Breakfast Club interview and more. After performing for AUC Homecoming week, Wale headed over to the M Bar, located on the Historic Auburn Avenue in Atlanta to eat good and host Cure Wednesdays with Trendsetter Sense on the 1’s and 2’s all before going to party at Opera Nightclub.

In the mist of the controversy steaming up from Meek Mill taking Wale saying “He brought a pencil to a gun fight. Not even a knife, a pencil” when it comes to Meek Mill going head to head with Drake in a rap beef, Wale definitely wasn’t concerned about the situation as he laughed and socialized with MMG rapper Stalley all while eating.


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