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FINALLY!!! Instagram launches a new GIF app called Boomerang. For their social media, Instagram has been making a few recent changes such as group DM set ups, allowing you to extend the length of photos (rather than being a square) and also shorting the length of content with a new ‘more’ feature so that people don’t have to scroll continuously to get off one long biblical post. Even though Instagram doesn’t want it’s app to come old news from people feeling it’s the same ol same, they also don’t want to over due the app as well. So to balance out the two, today they launch a new app called Boomerang which is available on iOS and Android.

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How the works you ask? Well, it’s simple. On the app, it shoot a one second burst of five photos that then are turned into a silent video that plays forwards and then reverses over and over as a loop. To show off at your convience at a little day in time, the Boomerang photos are automatically saved to your camera roll and also can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social medias you have downloaded.

Even though it’s pretty cool, one thing I can see as a problem as you do them enough is that it saves as a MP4 which makes the file large, rather than it being a GIF. Meaning you may find yourself deleting just as often as you taking them.

How to Boomerang in your App store? So no has the problem I had, the best way to look up the app, since it’s brand new and hasn’t had many searches as of yet is to look up Instagram Boomerang, rather than just boomerang where you will find an email notification app and joking apps that turn your phone into a Boomerang (download if you would like to try it out).

Introducing Boomerang from Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.

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