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On October 22nd, Wondaland Records‘s own, St. Beauty headed home to Atlanta after being on tour with The Internet, to show love to their local supporter and performed a free concert at The Department Store. Hosted by Brandon Blue with DJ SPK on the 1’s and 2’s, the Femme Noir, all ladies line up was spectacular curated by Galita and held opening acts from singers Renee Gardner who open up the show to the people in the grove. Performing her single, “No Free Rides” all while using her sultry vocals to cover Erykah Badu‘s hit song, “Tyrone”. 2nd was singer Kari Epps who hit the stage and dropped jaws as she put her vocal strength on display as well as covered one of our and her favorite song, Journey‘s “Don’t Stop Believin” and made us an instant fan within the night. 3rd was singer, Ash, who totally lit up the stage as she turned it into a musical wonderland.

To headline the night, St. Beauty’s lead vocalist Alex Belle and guitarist, Isis Valentino hit the stage. Within a packed out Department Store, the two Queens lit up the Atlanta night as their voices and guitar rifts crisply cut through the air as they song songs on relationships and life. Before being rushed by eagered fans (including myself, who had the first fan picture with them as they got off the stage, LOL!), they performed their lead single, “Going Nowhere”.

Last night, many artists hit the stage, gave it all they had and from it gained many new fans and made admirers admire them even more with their presence. Checkout pictures from the event below:


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