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Lianne La Havas left many in Atlanta, GA (or At-Lan-Ta, Geor-Jah) mesmerized and floating on cloud 9 as she performed last night at her sold out concert at Center Stage.  Fans packed out the concert venue all to see Lianne display her vocal talent and to be in the presents of the UK singer‘s positive energy. Before the Warner Bros recording artist hit the stage. Male singer/songwriter, Keenan O’Meara, lit up the stage and truly earned some new fans. The neo-folk singer performed an acoustic set of songs such as “Mania” and “Might As Well Swim” from his recently released Awful Creature EP, plus more.

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To top off the night Lianne La Havas hit the stage with a roar of applauds and screams from fans (I threw a couple of screams in their LOL!). To start off the night, Lianne hit the stage and performed “Green & Gold”, “What You Don’t Do” and “Wonderful” from her new BLOOD album all before taking it back and performing fan favorites such as “Lost and Found”, “No Room For Doubt”, “Elusive” and “Tease Me” from her Is Your Love Big Enough? album.

After allowing new fans to hear her previous songs, Lianne brought everyone back up to date as she performed songs “Midnight”, “Unstoppable“, “Tokyo”, “Grow” and “Never Get Enough” where their crowded rocked out and sung along as she performed while switching back and forth from modern to vintage microphones.

Much more happened in this night, but to not take away from anyone’s future experience, we’ll just say if Lianne comes to your city, I truly suggest that you do what ever you have to do to go to her show. Even though her voice is amazing on her album, it is nothing like hearing her live with 1,000’s more in the audience singing along to every song. Actually! I would go back to her concert just to hear her say, “At-Lan-Ta” in her accent just one more time! Truly one of the best concerts I have gone to in my life!

Checkout a few pictures of Lianne La Havas in concert below:

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