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Apple and the band, U2 have worked close together for previous occasions and now for U2’s European Tour, they give fans an experience of a life time. Anytime people go to concerts, we all hope that we can make it early enough, or afford to be in the front of the stage to watch our favorite bands, or artists perform. Well, Apple and U2 take it even further as they allow you to rock out with Bono and the band as you get to stand on the stage with them in a virtual reality world.

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virtual reality experience is called “The Experience Bus”, which was first presented at U2’s London stop, allows fans to stand alongside Bono, The Edge and the whole band as they performed the song, “Song for Someone”. This VR experience gives you a real life experience that allows you to even look around and also see the crowd singing along. The Experience is set to available at a few of U2’s last tour stops, which includes four shows in Paris and 2 in Dublin.

To create this once in a life time experience, the VR experience was created by Vrse, which is a reality production company who have worked with many high brands, companies and artists to produce 360-degree video content for VR headsets.

Many are beginning to expect that VR is going to be huge in the near future, especially do to Facebook gearing up to launch their Oculus Rift headset next year, plus companies such as Sony and HTC prepare to debut their own PlayStation VR and Vive VR headsets.

So just imagine, rather than just live streaming performances online if you can’t be at the concert, the future may allow you to actually have the best seat at the show all while being able to sit in the confort of your home. Only thing I hope they make next is a ‘none-embarrassing’ room that allow you to wild out frantically without having a spouse or roommate look at you awkwardly as they stand in the quiet room of the real world.


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