T-Pain, Mali Hunter and T-Pain’s Wife

When everyone is getting ghouled up for Halloween, Tree Sound’s General Manager, Mali Hunter, takes things to a prestige level as she holds an upscale masquerade party at Tree Sound Studios.

A place that has become known for its good music, good vibes and good food, chef Mali Hunter makes sure to legacy continues as she held the best masquerade party at Tree Sound Studios. Sponsored by Modelo, Corona, Cholula Hot Sauce, and 1800 Coconut Tequila, food that consisted of fried chicken, chicken alfredo, turkey meatloaf, seasoned fish, wings, rice and Mali’s famous mac and cheese was engulfed all while washing it down with great mix drinks (preferrably Coke and the coconut 1800 Tequila for me. LOL!) and Coronas.

The impromptu Masquerade party consisted of some of Tree Sound’s favorite guest and business afilitates who had a chance to come out and celebrate for one night before Halloween for a masquerade extravaganza and with Mali as she returned back into Atlanta before continuing her major success in other cities.

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